Tips on How to Read and View PDF's

1. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows or Mac.


2. After downloading this free software to your laptop, you will be able to open and view any PDF file (i.e. ebooks).

3. Set Adobe Acrobat Reader as your default program for PDF files.

TIP: If you would like to save the last page you were viewing in a PDF document, so when you reopen the file it goes back to the same page--follow the instructions below:

1. Open the PDF ebook you are reading and open the "Preferences" drop down

2. Go to the "Documents" tab on the left side, and under Open Settings click on "Restore last view settings when reopening documents". This will allow you to pick up viewing right where you left off.

How-to Search for Keywords in Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Open your eBook PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader and to search for a keyword or term, simply press the command+F key and you will see a box to search for a keyword!

How-to print pages for my eBook using Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • To print pages in Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply click "File" in the top left of the software and click "Print". You can select the pages. Make sure you have a printer installed to your computer or laptop.